Author Life / Charlie · February 13, 2018

Charlie | Ep. 2

Ep. 2

“Well,” Charlie’s mother tapped her foot, “what do you have to say for yourself?”

Charlie’s eyes veered up to the top of the door frame. “I’m sorry and next time I’ll leave a note telling you what I’m doing,” she said with fake sincerity.

Her mother gave a prompt nod and beckoned her into the house.

Charlie went straight to her room.

Her mother’s tone and her father’s indifference—and constant use of his office—were apart of her daily routine. Typically it also involved a long list of chores, but if she got her mother angry enough, like tonight, she’d forget.

Savoring the peace of the setting sun, Charlie put on soft music and got ready for bed. It was still quite early as the sun hadn’t gone down all the way yet, but sleep was a precious thing for her those days. It wasn’t coming easy.

She prolonged the unwinding process to keep her mind from roaming, but there was only so much she could do.

Charlie crawled under her covers, pulling them up to her chin, and nuzzled her head into the pillow. She squeezed her eyes shut and braced for another night of restlessness.

And then her mind went all the places she wanted to go, but couldn’t.

I’ve changed it, but in the first episode I had said it was morning. Don’t know why, since I was describing the sun setting in the first sentence… 

But I fixed it! 

Thanks for reading!


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