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Charlie | Ep. 1

Ep. 1

The sun was low in the sky, painting everything a burnt orange. Trees danced, shaking their leaves to the ground where the skimmed and twisted in the grass. Twigs were scattered on the sidewalks while vibrant colors lined the streets.

A hooded figured walked through the abandoned road with her head down and hands stuffed in pockets. A breeze whipped her long hair around her face and the chill it brought with caused her shoulders to shrink in. With every step, her old worn sneakers scuffed the ground and occasionally kicked a rock in the way.

“Charlotte May!”

Charlie snapped her head up. Her mother stood on their porch in her nightgown, fuzzy slippers, and hair-curlers. Her jaw was tight, eyes narrowed, and her breath came out as puffs visible in the air. Charlie avoided eye contact and hid a smirk in her hood. She took reluctant steps forward.

“Where have you been?” Her mother’s tone was forced and quiet.

Charlie’s jaw tensed. “I was at the park, intensely planning my escape route from this place.”

“Nonsense,” her mother waved her hand back and forth. “You can’t be lying like this all the time, Charlotte. It isn’t healthy.”

Charlie dropped her head, hiding another amused expression. Her mother wasn’t one to catch on to anything other than facts—facts as in her own personal opinionated facts. It frustrated Charlie, but kept her secrets safe because she actually had been at the park all day thinking of her future and ways to leave this town.

There was comfort and hope there, knowing her mother would never believe she wanted to leave, even when Charlie said so, and that kept her dreaming.

Trying my hand at this flash fiction, episodic story thing… I don’t know too much about it and I think my story will end up being longer than typical “flash fiction”, but there doesn’t seem to be a definite length. 

Anyway, this is another story I wrote in 2011 (aka high school) and am revamping for the blog life! I actually had, maybe still have, plans to pull this guy into a full length novel, but I have a lot of plans, so we’ll see. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Also, usually for my story prompt stories, I grab a photo off of the internet, but this one is mine! Eventually all photos on here will be my work, but it’s hard to get new stuff in the middle of winter, ya know what I’m saying?

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