Charlie | Ep. 8

Ep. 8

It was so wrinkled, wrinkled to the point where it was soft. The words were almost completely faded. The corners were starting to tear.

          10 tonight at the park. I’m leaving. 

Charlie had been staring at the note for hours. When she found it, it had been crisp and clean, folded neatly on the table of her usual spot in the coffee shop.

She hadn’t see Evan all day, only his note. They had talked about his plans on leaving and he practically invited her the other day, but stumbled over his words and changed the subject to those cute little dogs he would miss.

She would miss them, too.

Charlie was sure she wanted go. As soon as she got the note, she ran home and packed, but now, standing at the door of her house, she froze.

The note she had written for her parent was on the kitchen counter, waiting to cause a scene, but Charlie couldn’t help but want to rip it up and throw it away. She wanted to go back upstairs and unpack. She wanted to save everyone the trouble and leave things how they were. She wanted everything to stay the same. She wanted it to be easy.

Charlie sighed and put down her bags. Her keys clinked against the counter as she dropped them and she walked over to her note for her parents. Her head rolled, stretching out her neck as she grabbed it and walked towards the garbage.

“Some things just have to change,” she whispered and stuck the note to the bulletin board directly above the trash can.


I love this story because it’s simply about taking a leap of faith and doing something to better your life. For Charlie, it was trusting her new friend, Evan, and leaving her small town behind.

At one time, I had planned to expand this into a series. Their little escape would be a roadtrip filled with odd jobs, old motels, and a lot of adventure. Maybe someday, I’ll have to revisit the idea!

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Charlie | Ep. 7

“Charlotte, you are missing dust. Don’t skip the corners.”

Charlie nodded towards her mother, but refrained from eye contact. This was her punishment, cleaning. A couple of weeks ago, she had neglected to leave a note with her whereabouts when she went out for coffee and yes, she was still cleaning.

“Charlotte! You are moving like a turtle. Are you even here today?” Her mother stood with her hands on her hips and a dish towel over her shoulder.

With a sigh, she shrugged. “No really.”

Her mother let out a frustrated groan and stomped out of the room.

Despite the trouble that she was in, Charlie smiled at her mother’s actions, thankful for the silence they brought her, because her mind could now wander.


He had become her central thought ever since their first date. Charlie didn’t know if it had been a date, but she enjoyed calling it one. She enjoyed calling them all dates.

Mostly, she liked how easy everything seemed to be. There was always a laid back atmosphere that came with him. It was refreshing. Evan was very persistent with her, too. He always filled the empty silences and never failed to make her smile. She liked that.

Almost every day since the first coffee date, Charlie had spent time with Evan. They never really talked about their lives, although she had found out he lived with two parents and a little brother and sister, and instead talked about nonsense. It was nice and quite a change for her.


Her head whipped around at the sound of her dad’s voice, the momentum nearly taking her body with it.

“Charlie, you should apologize to your mother.” His voice was tender and paired with soft eyes.

She rolled her eyes and turned to him. “I know, Dad.” She may not get along with her mother, but she never liked the awkward tension that grew without an apology. “I’ll go when I’m done.”

He nodded with a smile and left, presumably back to his study.

The cleaning was finished within a few minutes, and Charlie found her mother in the kitchen, sitting at the counter. Her head was still and she stared out the window.

“I’m sorry, Mother.”

She turned to Charlie.

“I’m all done cleaning,” she continued at her mother’s silence.

“All right, Charlotte,” she sighed, “thank you.” Her soft words were followed by a hasty exit.

Charlie shrugged and went to her room. Her relationship with her mother just didn’t bother her like it used to.

One more episode left! It’s my favorite one, too!

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Charlie | Ep. 6

“What’s so funny?” Evan jogged back over, holding the poop bag an arms distance away.

Charlie giggled. “Worst part of the job?”

He scratched the back of his neck, looking to his outstretched arm. “Yeah, I don’t really like it.” The plastic bag swung in the air as he tossed it over to the garbage can. It went in with a swish.

“Don’t worry,” she flicked her hand in the air and the crossed her arms, “it was cute.”

Evan’s eyes narrowed with a smirk. “Really?”

Charlie’s laughter stopped short and her eyes widened. “Um, yeah.”

The full silence sat in the air for a few minutes. Charlie looked everywhere, but Evan. Evan looked only at Charlie.

“Good,” he finally said, grin wide and alive. “I’m glad someone enjoyed it.” He stepped closer to her. The dogs sniffed and jumped at their ankles. “Hey, would you like to get coffee with me sometime?” His words were rushed.

“Oh,” she gasped,”I, will, I guess I could?” She cringed at her response, but Evan didn’t seem to mind.

“Great!” His shoulders bounced. “How ‘bout Tuesday at ten? Wait, do you have school?”

“No, I graduated last spring.” Evan’s face twisted in confusion. “I was home schooled,” she added in quickly.

“Oh,” Evan drawled, his head rolling in a circle, “that makes sense. I graduated last year, too.” He pointed at her. “I think I would have remembered you.”

Charlie smiled and let her hair fall in front of her face.

He looked back with a silly expression. “Well, Miss Charlotte,” he stepped backwards, “I will see you in a couple of days.”

She waved and watched him walk away. Her name didn’t seem that bad when it wasn’t coming from her mother.

Two episodes left! Any ideas on what will happen between Charlie and Evan?


Charlie | Ep. 5

Ep. 5

Charlie dragged out each step as she once again, made the trek home. She took the long way, winding through parks, staying on sidewalks until they ended, and going around every block.

Her eyes drifted upward to match her head in the clouds. The toe of her shoe scuffed the ground and she stutter-stepped forward, her hands flying out in front of her.

A high yip from across the street caught her attention, dismissing her embarrassment, and her gaze landed on a familiar energetic poodle.

“Spot!” she yelled as the happy dog galloped her way over with tags jingling and tongue flopping. Charlie laughed and bent over to her little friend.

“She seems to really like you.”

The ragged voice came from a few feet away on the sidewalk.

“Oh!” Charlie gasped and met Evan’s eyes, but only for a second. His hand was on his hip and he was breathing slowly. Spot definitely ran off again.

Evan chuckled. “Sorry for scared you,” he said with a good smile.

Charlie stood up with the leash, brushing back her messy hair. “It’s okay.”

“I always forget Spot is a feisty one,” he grabbed the leash from her hand, “and she runs whenever I forget.”

Spot shook out his hair and bopped over to Evan. Charlie slowly raised her gaze.

“How—” Charlie stopped short and cleared her throat, tucking her hair behind her ears. “How are you?”

“I’m doing very well!” He beamed, answering almost before Charlie had finished asking. “Walking these dogs hasn’t been too bad these past few days.

Charlie grabbed a bit of her hair and combed her fingers through it. “Well, that’s good. I’m glad.”

“How are— wow, Flower! Right now? Really?” Evan yelled, looking down the street where a chocolate lab decided to do her business. He turned back to Charlie and held up a finger. “One second.”

Evan jogged over to the mess and pulled a small plastic bag out of his pocket. He put it on one hand like a glove and used his other hand, that had the leashes around his wrist, to pull his nose.

Charlie laughed as he bent down to pick it up. He stood as far away as he could with his butt sticking out and arms reaching for the ground.

That boy was something else.

Only three more episodes left! There is a nice little message in this story (though it may not be clear until the last lines). Any predictions on what it is?

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Charlie | Ep. 4

The liquid was hot on her lips and the steam warmed her face as the slightly spicy apple taste slid down her throat, calming her stomach.

Charlie gazed around the coffee shop. It was surprisingly vacant for a Saturday afternoon. With the lack of chatter and bodies, the books and magazines that lined the walls around the computers and the melodic tune flowing around the shop stuck out. Charlie had never noticed just how welcoming it was.

“Well hello, Miss Charlie,” an elderly man said, stopping at her table.

She looked up and smiled. “Hi, Mr. Hall.”

“You’re looking awfully cheerful this afternoon, specially in this lonely shop! May I ask why?”

Charlie’s eyes widened. Was she really that obvious? “Well, I,” she stumbled and her cheeks grew pink, “I guess I’m just in a great mood.”

“Ah! Yes, it seems to be in the air. I’m quite giddy myself,” he claimed, shaking his body a bit.

Mr. Hall’s disregard for her stuttering embarrassment was a blessing in Charlie’s eyes and she laughed, quietly agreeing.

“Oh, look at that,” he tapped his watch, “I must be going, but” his tone softened, “whatever is in your life now, I hope it stays. I’ve never seen you glow as much as you are now.”

He walked away before Charlie could mumbled out a thank you. He didn’t seem to notice. She laid her tired head in her arms and brushed away the brief guilt of lying to the old man, but she could not honestly respond. He would thing her a fool.

Charlie knew she was a fool, for Evan still colluded her thoughts. They had only talked for a few moments and she was already hooked. Maybe it was because he was the first guy to even want to talk to her, other than her dad anyway.

Evan walked dogs for money so he could travel. He wanted to spend some time relaxing, broadening his horizons and learning as much as he could from others before hitting the books. He wanted adventure.

Charlie shook her head and let go of her thoughts. She sat up, slid out of her chair, and having already paid, left the toasty coffer shop.

Oh, young love. 🙂 Or is it?

Thanks for reading?



Charlie | Ep. 3

Morning came and went and now the sun is high in the sky. Charlie, who had been awakened by her very persistent mother, was dragging her feet to a coffee shop a few blocks over. Her eyes were slightly closed and her head drooped forward.


A black poodle trotted into Charlie’s vision with its ears bouncing and its tongue hanging.

She giggled and bent over to pet the tiny animal. She scratched the dog on the head over a small white spot, earning a pleased yip from the curly mess.

“Spot,” a young man groaned, bent over, leaning on his knees. “Why do you always have to run?” He let out a ragged breath and ran his fingers through his wind-blown hair, while his other hand tightly held two leashes, each leading to a Chihuahua.

Charlie stood up and greeted the stranger with a smile. She had grabbed the lost leash on instinct and held it out in her hand.

“I’m really sorry,” his cheeks were splotched red, “she really likes to run.”

Charlie giggled again. “It’s okay.” With a shy smile, she dropped her head to hide her cheeks that matched his. “I really like them. Dogs, I mean.”

“Yeah, they can be pretty cool when they listen.” His voice was smooth and friendly, drawing her sight back up.

She nodded and stared at him for a moment, not quite sure what to do next. His disheveled clothing was layered with different patterns in the same colors. His hair was sticking at odd angles, but it seemed to her that it was probably always like that. She noticed that his eyes were a bright green because they were staring directly at her.

Charlie shifted her weight and pulled on her sleeves, coughing into her shoulder.

“I’m Evan,” he said with a bright smile.

Charlie found herself nodding again, her voice lost.

“I would shake your hand, but…” he lifted up the leashes.

Charlie’s head went up and down, but she smiled this time.

The silence stretched on and Evan scratched the back of his neck. His eyes darted from her to the dogs and back again, before looking all around. “Well, lovely weather, isn’t it?”

Taking a deep breath, Charlie realized she couldn’t just stand there forever and squeezed her shaking hands. “I’m Charlotte,” she said, “but please, call me Charlie.”

Evan grinned, reconnecting their gaze. “It is very nice to meet you, Charlie.”

Thank you for reading! We are almost half way done with this story! 


Charlie | Ep. 2

Ep. 2

“Well,” Charlie’s mother tapped her foot, “what do you have to say for yourself?”

Charlie’s eyes veered up to the top of the door frame. “I’m sorry and next time I’ll leave a note telling you what I’m doing,” she said with fake sincerity.

Her mother gave a prompt nod and beckoned her into the house.

Charlie went straight to her room.

Her mother’s tone and her father’s indifference—and constant use of his office—were apart of her daily routine. Typically it also involved a long list of chores, but if she got her mother angry enough, like tonight, she’d forget.

Savoring the peace of the setting sun, Charlie put on soft music and got ready for bed. It was still quite early as the sun hadn’t gone down all the way yet, but sleep was a precious thing for her those days. It wasn’t coming easy.

She prolonged the unwinding process to keep her mind from roaming, but there was only so much she could do.

Charlie crawled under her covers, pulling them up to her chin, and nuzzled her head into the pillow. She squeezed her eyes shut and braced for another night of restlessness.

And then her mind went all the places she wanted to go, but couldn’t.

I’ve changed it, but in the first episode I had said it was morning. Don’t know why, since I was describing the sun setting in the first sentence… 

But I fixed it! 

Thanks for reading!


Charlie | Ep. 1

Ep. 1

The sun was low in the sky, painting everything a burnt orange. Trees danced, shaking their leaves to the ground where the skimmed and twisted in the grass. Twigs were scattered on the sidewalks while vibrant colors lined the streets.

A hooded figured walked through the abandoned road with her head down and hands stuffed in pockets. A breeze whipped her long hair around her face and the chill it brought with caused her shoulders to shrink in. With every step, her old worn sneakers scuffed the ground and occasionally kicked a rock in the way.

“Charlotte May!”

Charlie snapped her head up. Her mother stood on their porch in her nightgown, fuzzy slippers, and hair-curlers. Her jaw was tight, eyes narrowed, and her breath came out as puffs visible in the air. Charlie avoided eye contact and hid a smirk in her hood. She took reluctant steps forward.

“Where have you been?” Her mother’s tone was forced and quiet.

Charlie’s jaw tensed. “I was at the park, intensely planning my escape route from this place.”

“Nonsense,” her mother waved her hand back and forth. “You can’t be lying like this all the time, Charlotte. It isn’t healthy.”

Charlie dropped her head, hiding another amused expression. Her mother wasn’t one to catch on to anything other than facts—facts as in her own personal opinionated facts. It frustrated Charlie, but kept her secrets safe because she actually had been at the park all day thinking of her future and ways to leave this town.

There was comfort and hope there, knowing her mother would never believe she wanted to leave, even when Charlie said so, and that kept her dreaming.

Trying my hand at this flash fiction, episodic story thing… I don’t know too much about it and I think my story will end up being longer than typical “flash fiction”, but there doesn’t seem to be a definite length. 

Anyway, this is another story I wrote in 2011 (aka high school) and am revamping for the blog life! I actually had, maybe still have, plans to pull this guy into a full length novel, but I have a lot of plans, so we’ll see. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Also, usually for my story prompt stories, I grab a photo off of the internet, but this one is mine! Eventually all photos on here will be my work, but it’s hard to get new stuff in the middle of winter, ya know what I’m saying?