Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles / Photography · July 30, 2018

Busy, but unproductive?

July has been a less than fruitful month of blogging for me.

At first I was disappointed in my lack of dedication, but I took a step back and saw why I wasn’t keeping up on my schedule.

I was busy with life and a good busy.

Friends, dinner, parties—I’ve had quite the month, but it’s something that I’ve been missing during my less than happy times.

Honestly, the new jolt of creativity is coming directly from the fact that I’ve been spending more time being social and specifically in the sun.

After a solid morning outside on the weekend, all my creative energy is restored. It’s great and will be quite challenging in the winter, but we’ll get there when we get there.

Here’s some photos of where I soaked up the sun.


Finding the balance between work and life is difficult and I’m still working on it, but starting August 1st, we’re buckling down on this thing.

My experiences will become stories to tell and pictures to show. My goals will become a source of motivation and inspiration.

So here’s to a new “schedule” and the journey of balancing the need and the want.


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