Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles · June 21, 2019

Be Spontaneous

Something I haven’t been in life is spontaneous. I like to plan, have a plan, and follow the plan.

Cue the anxiety.

I don’t deal with anxiety as much as I did in my early twenties. I’d like to think I have the average amount people do these days aka it doesn’t affect my life much anymore. That being said, I still struggle with just doing things.

So this summer, one of my goals is to be more spontaneous. I’ve started working on that within the past couple weeks and super worked on it this last weekend. My friend got free tickets to a county music festival and I went with.

The reason why it’s spontaneous is that I don’t listen to country (I knew one song, though!), it was a little over an hour away, and we had to drive home afterwards after midnight.

All in all, I’m glad I went. It was a short and sweet lesson that sometimes when opportunities arise last minute, it’s okay to go with the flow.


The first two pictures are Kane Brown and the last one is Jason Aldean (I promise, even though you can’t see anything 😉 ).



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