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Battling Bad Days

In my last post, I introduced my secret of battling with my mental health. I can call it depression and anxiety, but I’ve never actually spoken to a doctor and been diagnosed. I do have a hard time believing it’d be anything less than that, but I wanted to put that out there.

Since then, I have been hitting my goals about 80 percent of the time (which is a pretty solid go the first week), but I’ll talk more about that in a few days when my first official week is over.

Today, I wanted to talk about the “bad day” I had yesterday.

I was sad and didn’t write or work out. I did clean my kitchen, but cleaning tends to be an effect of my bad days.

Since I’ve dived a little deeper into my myers-briggs thing, ENFP, I’ve learned why I’m usually sad.

I don’t spend time with people.

When the weekend hits and I have no plans with friends, it’s really rough and unless I’ve just had a handful of crazy weekends prior, it ends up in some sort of nighttime cry. (Most of the time, it’s brought on by a movie or show and I just cry a little harder than normal.)

ENFP’s get a lot of their energy from social interaction. We just like people, so being inside for a whole week by myself causes a hiccup in my mental health.

BUT, because I’ve learned this about myself, I’m aware of it. Being aware of why and what I’m going through is such a big help. It’s one thing that actively pulls me up and not down. For me, I’m able to repeat in my head little mantras to make my bad day attitude lighten up. It typically involves swear words because I am a sailor, but because I know when it hits and why, I can talk myself up.

I don’t know if any of that made sense, but I’m writing out my journey and sometimes I blubber out the words in a big ramble.

Tonight might be another similar night, but I’ll tell you this. I got through it yesterday, I can get through it today.





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