Author Life


I’m a long lived (JK, not that long, I’m only 26) aspiring author who typically writes in the adventure, mystery, or young adult genres. I bounce around, but I’m much more action than romance, though I do love a good side romance sprinkled in, ya know what I’m saying?

It took me many years and many mistakes to realize that what I truly want to do (and get paid for, because bills) is write.

Ever since I was young, I was making up stories about the books I read or the movies I watched and putting myself, or rather my character, in them.

My brother once told my I was “fantasizing and daydreaming” and I remember getting very much offended because no, I was world building and creating.

Though writing has been apart of my life forever (with the exception of college and I’ll let you take a wild guess on why), I have never attempted to push beyond the limits of keeping my stories to myself. The most I have done is put some stories on a website called Wattpad.

I’m excited to tread into deeper, scarier waters and figure out the way to publishing, but more importantly proving to myself I can do what I’ve always wanted to do.