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Aubade: a love song which is sung at dawn

The window is open right next to my bed. The soft breeze grazes over my skin and cooling it down from the warm sun.

It’s early in the morning, the birds barely awake themselves, but they are, singing together with no rhythm, yet musically all the same.

A stretchy groan and roll gets me out of bed. Most of the windows are open in the apartment, so the air is fresh and clean.

A smile rises to my face.

In the living area, I make a cup of tea and pull up all the blinds, letting the sun wash over the room. It’s bright and light.

With a tea in hand, I sit at my desk, which is in front of a window, of course, and begin to write. It’s my favorite combination in the morning and creativity flows wild.

Next on the list, once my hand cramps and my tea is gone, is to go outside. Most of the time I run, but sometimes I take my camera and walk. The latter was today’s option.

Shots of greenery, water, clouds, birds, and much more fill my camera. Different angles of the same thing and it’s still a piece of art. The area I live in is a photographer’s local dream.

Walking on the sidewalk, my smile stretches farther, for it hasn’t left my face all morning. All the things I love to do in the most peaceful time of day.

It’s my sort of aubade.

Man, I wish I could spend my mornings like this instead of digging my car out of three feet of snow…

I’m very ready for spring. 

Again, my prompt site isn’t coming up! Of course it would, though. What is my life without obstacles? 

This one came from a post on Pinterest of old words not used anymore. I don’t have the link, but I’m sure if you search it, something will come up. It is Pinterest, after all. 


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