Author Life / Prompts · May 31, 2019


Verb; to bask in the sun
1690s; derived from latin

A time taken for granted by many; it was a day spent in the sun that could cure possibly the deepest of darkness. In a place where the clouds covered on the regular, where the cold lingered for far longer than the warmth, it became clear the mind wasn’t that strong. 

It was a sneaky, slow process that rose unknown until it was too late. 

Or maybe even until it was over. 

It was common, though, and when that time truly was done, it was hard to miss. Attitudes flipped as fast as frowns and with it a whole new life appeared. 

For everyone. 

A light both from within and from above shined brighter than it had in months. All a result from being still in the light and letting it relax tense muscles and minds. 

What a joy and a gift it is to not only be in the sun, but appreciate all it gives life.


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Thank you for reading. As you may have guessed, it’s finally warm enough to lay in the sun here in MN. It’s hands down one of my favorite times of the year.


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