Author Life / Prompts / Uncategorized · January 27, 2018

A Winding Path

In and out, up and down— a single day or a whole life

Good and bad, laughter and smiles, tears and pain, and words of strife

Breathe deep and long, exhale slow and steady

One step in front of the other—always ready

Open mind and polite disposition

Keeps life well—a successful mission

Break through walls and glass ceilings

Be nice to all despite your feelings

Laughter and kindness prove their worth

To a full, well-lived life, like heaven on earth

I used this picture as a story prompt today and it definitely went it in a different direction than I had planned, a.k.a. poetry. 

I’ve never been one for poetry, despite my love for words and quotes and anything inspiration. I think it’s because poetry is such a free expression art that can be translated in any sort of way, but in high school one English teacher always said we were “wrong” and that it meant “this” instead. Granted, she didn’t use those words, but that is essentially what it felt like. 

But, I guess today had different plans! This one tumbled out in a minute or two and I quite like it. 🙂


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