Photography · March 9, 2019

A Choice

I have been on and off with my camera over the past couple years. Of course I want to take pretty photos, but how do you know when the right time is to bring your camera with? Do I want to be the girl that always has a camera?

At first—no, but now it’s time to make a conscious decision to be that girl that has her camera all the time.

I truly just love taking pictures of things or candid shots of friends. Portrait photography is definitely fun and I enjoy it, but my passion is not with it, but with walking down the street, through the woods, by the water and letting the shutter sound take over.

But it’s March in Minnesota, so we got to wait a bit longer for the ideal weather (aka not wet, cold, and sloppy).

So while we wait, here are a few shots taken from my new apartment window. ☺️

Available for purchase on my website.

Thank you!

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