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25 Days of Self Discovery | Day Two

Oh, hey. It’s been months since day one, but I mean…

and now there’s coronavirus and even though I still have to go to work like normal, it felt like a good time for day two.


2. What does my best day look like?


I need trees, a blue sky, and sunshine—preferably warm weather as well, but I live in Minnesota, so I don’t stick with that one too closely. I need people, my people—family, friends, loved ones, and dogs are perfect.

However, I think my best days right now are me being happy throughout the entire day. What I listed up above is based off a lot of memories—things I know will happen again, but aren’t necessarily a winter ordeal.

So, I’ve had to adjust and after my mom repeatedly telling me to keep being positive and me repeatedly getting annoying, I’ve been finally trying to keep being positive. I’ve been trying to have more best days, but living alone, having few friends, and very little interaction in general (let’s be honest, the virus self-quarantine hasn’t changed too much of my daily life) creates some frustrating obstacles.

I’m getting better, specifically this week, which is why I think I’m sitting here writing this. For some unknown reason, things got a bit rough recently. Maybe it’s the unknown of what life will be like these next months or maybe I’m coming out of a darker phase. Either way, I have a little more hope that my best days will be coming along more often and in different ways.






Here’s the link for the prompts!
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