Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles · June 10, 2020

2020… it’s time to change.

It’s been a minute again. Mostly because 2020 is proving to be quite a challenge.


I live in Saint Paul, MN—next to Minneapolis, where the Black Lives Matter protests began again following George Floyd’s murder by a cop.

I’m white and grew up very far removed from the life of racism.

The past couple weeks have been full of tension and shame. I’m not sure what to do. Based off social media, it’s one thing or another that I’m supposed to be doing and can quickly become a rabbit hole of tips that blend together by the end.

I do want to help though, so here are some things I plan to implement into daily life beyond the trends on social media.

  1. Listen to Black history podcasts or audio books
  2. Buy books on Black history or fiction books by Black authors
  3. Replace some regularly purchased items with items from Black-owned businesses
  4. Sign petitions, donate when I can, follow Black leadership/change organizations on social media to stay aware of how I can help

That’s the starting place for me, I think—education. I want to work towards a balance between posting fun photography and stories and doing my part in regards to supporting Black lives.


Things are already changing here in MN and all over. It feels real. My eyes are definitely open and I’m aware my journey to support needs to continue and develop. Please drop any suggestions down below that you may be doing to help!



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