Lifestyle Rambles / Photography · January 9, 2020

2019 Little Lessons

January: started my new job (still there!) and was reminded to enjoy the best winter sunrises and sunsets.

February: photography adventure with my parents—learned anything (even a box of raisins) can help prop up a camera.

March: moved into my new apartment with the coolest view (just resigned the lease yesterday)!

April: realized I’m growing up as I held my best friend’s three month old.

May: remembered true friendships never end even with the longest distances.

June: sleep over experiences is definitely NOT the best way to live life.

July: my family is the best. Also, I never stop sweating in the summer.

August: I was overly busy and paid the price, but thankful for the time spent with good people.

September: my photography passion returned to full power.

October: started coaching again—makes my heart so happy!

November: converted my friend into the photography life—more adventures to come!

December: turned 27 and feel more at peace about life than I have in a really long time. I know the mental health obstacles will continue to come, but I feel a bit more prepared.




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